Meetings – Subcommittees and Build Out

Hi friends,

Thank you so much for your interest, it’s been so great to have LACGC involved. They’re working on getting us organized into committees, subcommittees etc. If you’re interested in joining a committee, please let us know asap. Current committees: outreach, volunteering, education, events and grant writing.

There will be a teen committee that will form, so if you’re interested in joining that, please let us know. We are so ready to work on environmental causes together.

We should have a meeting for subcommittees coming up on August 7th on the bike path – this is for subcommittees, as far as I know but I’ll get more information and post.

Please reach out to Diana at Los Angeles Community Garden Council if you’re interested in more details.

We have shifted our focus to Chandler and Pass Garden site for the immediate future.

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  1. Hi, Alex,
    It looks like this is our website. However, I do not see where our google docs notes are to be found here. Is there another site? And what site to I go to to make my online street canvassing selection?

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