Community Garden Updates – June 2021

Hello folks,

What a surprising weekend it’s been!

First, I’d like to personally thank everyone involved. There were so many people who showed up, far surpassing our expectations of what we could accomplish in Burbank in terms of diversity: age, income, race. This is what people power is all about!

There was a collective sadness when LADWP showed up to share news that we would not be able to grow our garden during the next two years. The lack of communication between the city and the community has been incredibly challenging and we hope that as this process moves forward they can take into consideration that many of us have built, managed, and cared for shared community spaces in the past.

LADWP will be using the Hollywood Way and Clark location to drill, but as we asked more questions, it may be used as a preparation and staging site. It is heartbreaking, but hopefully this is only a slight setback. Please keep at it, we will create change.

In the meantime, we’re moving our focus over to Chandler at Pass. Please continue to email city council expressing your thoughts:


  1. Hi Alex,

    Is there a meeting this Saturday, 9/4 (I take it they are the first Saturday of the month), or not because it is Labor Day weekend?

    I will be out-of-town 9/11 – 10/4, but will put the 1st Saturdays on my calendar

  2. Hi guys! Attended the meeting last June and haven’t really heard or seen anything about the Garden’s progress until I found this site today! Is there somewhere else where I can find out more info?

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