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Hi! Thank you for visiting this site, either to find out more or to see how you can get involved.

Here is the lowdown – we’re currently waiting for an agreement to be reached. Mainly, contractual stuff but we’re waiting on moving units and trying our best to get everything accomplished.

In the meantime, know that we’re working to ensure the best experience for the Burbank community. We’re currently working on soil testing concurrently while we await this.

We need volunteers! In order to ensure that this is an equitable garden we have to ensure that the community is involved and everyone has access!

If you’re just beginning on your path, that’s ok too! There is room for all of us. And if you just like growing food to donate, that’s ok. Really! This is a learning community.


  1. Thank you Alex. Super excited and looking forward to the community garden! I want to volunteer and have a plot and do ALL the things 🙂

  2. Looking forward to this! Want to have a plot and help with gardening too as a volunteer. Also, can’t wait to learn more about gardening from others and workshops. I currently lived a half a block away. Thanks for getting this community garden going!

  3. Hi, I’m really excited about this community garden opening!
    I’d like to volunteer, no special skills but a lot of energy, and I’m eager to learn.
    Hope to help soon,

  4. But there is no contact information that I could find anywhere on this site.
    How do I get in touch with you, Alex? Or anybody else at the Burbank Community Garden?

  5. Hi Alex!
    I just saw a blurb on Lowe’s website that they are going to support 100 hometown city projects, I started to nominate this garden plot but realized I should find out who’s in charge before doing so. I’ve started a nomination but am happy to hand it off to you, or if you’d like me to complete it I’m also happy to do that. I know this plot/community garden has been “germinating” for a while now and could use an infusion to get it going, I’d love to see Lowe’s donate to you! I’m currently a member of the North Hollywood Community Garden but would love to work here too! Looking forward to hearing from you, meanwhile take care, be well, stay safe!

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