Water and Heat

When temperatures linger above 90 degrees, young tender plants struggle to get enough water and nutrients to the leaves, buds and fruit.  Soft fast growing plants need protection from hot afternoon sun so shading on their west side will reduce late day heat stress.  Supported row covers, palm fronds, umbrellas, cardboard, bed sheets over hoops,… Continue reading Water and Heat

Natural Recyclers

By the end of 2022, the Chandler / Pass Garden will likely reuse, repurpose, repair & recycle an estimated 100 tons of community discards. Gardens and landscapes are impactful places for recycling and reusing some of California’s 40 million tons of discards generated annually.  Burbank for instance, generates some 18,000 tons of landscape clippings annually.… Continue reading Natural Recyclers

Organics at the Garden

If you ever sit still and get that drifting ethereal feeling that life is a miracle, organic gardening is likely braided in your DNA. Today’s organic gardeners sit on the shoulders of giants: from the aboriginal traditions of medicine, food & spirit to our contemporary research that traces nutrients from healthy soil to healthy plants… Continue reading Organics at the Garden

Soil Study at the Garden

Soil Health: Overview Most people know that sun and water are essential in the success of their gardens. There’s a third, often misunderstood, superstar of successful gardening: good soil. A plant is only as healthy as its roots and their complex relationship to the diverse microbial world in the soil. Roots absorb water and nutrients… Continue reading Soil Study at the Garden